Datalogs from iDash Help “Shape” Speed

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Superfast Matt, the former automotive engineer turned full-time YouTuber, shares how he has been going about building a land-speed car in his garage in this exceptionally informative video. In 2023 Matt took the partially completed car to Bonneville Speedweek. Without a streamlined body, the 190 hp BMW motorcycle engine had no chance of pushing Matt into the 200 mph club, but this was a data-gathering mission. Matt used the Banks iDash DataMonster to log ambient conditions, engine conditions, and wheel speed among other things. 

The iDash DataMonsterSensor Modules, AirMouse, and various sensors are being used throughout the current skeletal build and will not only help keep an eye on various engine functions but also assist with the optimal design of the intake and placement of the cooling system. With the recorded runs from the iDash, Matt has real-world data that he can correlate with data from CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) programs that help him shape the vehicle’s new body. Matt aims to return to Bonneville later this year.