BackCountry 4×4

Mike Wencel: Manager

In a small town of Ontario, Canada stands BackCountry 4×4, which is actually a subdivision of Eichenberg Chrysler right next door to it. BackCountry stands in what used to be an old Chevy dealership, to which the owner of the Chrysler dealership bought it so that there wouldn’t be any competition next door. The dealership use to do their own builds in the past, but this was a perfect opportunity to create a new experience for the customer. They may be just two years old but they’re making quite a name for themselves. Store manager Mike Wencel, who was working at the dealership’s service department, was selected by the owner as the man to lead the charge. Mike has been in the off-road scene for about 15 years so he knows the good accessories from the bad. 

There’s something to be said about a dealership that’s willing to mod the vehicles that they sell. Their focus is primarily Gladiator builds at the moment. They have their own formulas for their builds which use premium parts, a practice that not only ensures reliability but also eases any customer issues.

Mike likes to use the Banks Ram-Air intakes, and his own experience with the PedalMonster on his Toyota Tacoma has made him a true believer in the product. “I’m super happy with the product! Now that I actually tried the PedalMonster on my own truck I can’t believe it! It’s a night and day difference. No hesitation off the line at all. Super easy install that took all of about 7 minutes… including downloading the app. This is going to be an easy product to sell, with results you can feel right off the bat.”

BackCountry 4×4
130 Simcoe St.
Tillsonburg, ON N4G 2J1
(833) 842-5952