5″ Monster Exhaust for 2020-23 Duramax

Banks introduces the new 5″ Monster Exhaust designed specifically for the 2020-2023 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P 3500 Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) pickup trucks. The DPF-back exhaust system features constant-diameter 5″ mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing. Additionally, the patented negative backpressure SideKick tip virtually eliminates backpressure after the DPF and prevents trailer meltdown. This is thanks to its side exit. Below, you’ll notice the stock exhaust system directs hot exhaust gas at the trailer. Temperatures can reach 1100°F during regeneration at the exhaust tip outlet. This can easily melt the front corner of your trailer.

The patented SideKick tip on the new 5" Monster Exhaust pointing away from a trailer to avoid melting your rig.

With the stock exhaust nozzle measuring 2.85″ compared to the Monster Exhaust’s massive 5″ outlet, the Banks system offers a 192% greater flow area than stock. The Monster Exhaust boasts 85% less backpressure than stock, leading to more power and increased fuel economy.

The 5" Monster Exhaust outlet compared to a soda can to show the size.

By relieving back pressure in the exhaust, we liberate horsepower that would otherwise be wasted on parasitic loss that we call pumping loss. The less horsepower lost to parasitics, the less fuel wasted.

The Banks 5" Monster Exhaust compared to the stock exhaust.

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