2020 Jeep Gladiator Exhaust

Prototyping of the Jeep Gladiator exhaust has begun at Banks, but this time we’re starting the project with the help of some new tech that will help speed up development while assisting with making the best fitting product possible. With our 3D scanner from Creaform, an engineer can effectively scan a part or portion of a vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Basically, we can take an object that already exists and use a handheld device that looks like an oversized grocery store scanner… well, scan it in order to make a digital model. This works wonders when designing parts that need to conform to a specific size, knowing the size of the area that you have to work with, or for capturing the dimensions of one-off prototypes for the transition to a CAD model. When all is said and done you can have a complete digital model that you can use to virtually fit into an area and prepare for production.

Little sticker dots are placed along the surface of the object that is to be scanned so that the gun’s lasers have reference points and better map the object or area. The gun uses blue laser technology for higher resolution and higher quality data collection, including depth of field, and features an array of 11 laser scan lines that crisscross for 22 scanning lines at one time for scanning larger areas. The device’s scans have an accuracy of 0.025 mm (or 0.0009 in).

We’re looking forward to putting this tool through its paces. Keep your eyes open for that new Gladiator exhaust!