1982 Performance with Economy book

Still reeling from the ’73 and ’79 oil crises and the “pain at the pump”, automakers were trying their best to make changes to their lineups by introducing more economical choices for buyers. Even though there was a move in the direction of gas-sipper cars, there were millions of dino-thirsty V8s out there still. Many of these owners wouldn’t ever consider trading their powerful V8s for an anemic 4-banner any day, but they were still in search of a better economy to justify the guilt and cost at the pump.

There were many “gas-saving” devices that really didn’t do anything, but a book titled “Performance with Economy” that was shipped to bookstores and speed shops across the country pulled the veil on what could be done to squeeze more mileage from their favorite Detroit monster. Gale Banks’ knowledge was tapped and featured in the how-to publication, as well as others in an effort to dispel the myth that fuel economy means a sacrifice of power and a path to boredom. A Banks twin-turbocharged engine was featured on the cover, as well as numerous Banks engines in the turbocharging section of the publication. Eagle-eyed Banks fans will notice legendary Banks employee Bob Robe is also on the cover (kind of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ thing).