1981: Twin Turbo Regal Power

Around 1981, General Motors had decided that their Buick brand would no longer manufacture or offer a V8 engine option for their automobiles, instead turning to a naturally aspirated 3.8-liter V6 as their top displacement choice. The result was an anemic offering at best, putting the brand behind the race for customers.

After successfully turbocharging Buick’s V6 Indy Pace car in 1976, a request from GM had Gale Banks back at work breathing new life into the Buick brand quite literally. By adapting his knowledge of twin turbocharging to the available 170 horsepower engine he created the powerplant for the Buick Regal as well as the prototype for the highly respected, and equally feared, Buick Grand National. Although the Banks twin turbocharged prototype V6 engines produced 439 horsepower, the production engine would have one of the turbos omitted, but still remained potent street powerhouses. Both Buicks are still seen as great examples of 80’s automotive performance firepower.