How and when to remove your PedalMonster throttle controller.

Should I remove the PedalMonster and/or iDash before a dealer visit?

Whether or not you should remove your PedalMonster depends on your relationship with your dealership and/or service writer. It’s helpful to know if they’re aftermarket accessory friendly. When in doubt, remove the PedalMonster module. If the PedalMoster is hidden behind a panel and won’t be easily spotted, leave it in place. Simply disconnect its pedal intercept and OBD cables and tuck them out of sight.

Although it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to deny your warranty for no other reason than the mere presence of an aftermarket device, some dealerships do it anyway. If you are unclear on your dealership’s stance on aftermarket parts, follow the simple steps below to remove the PedalMonster module from your car or truck.

For those who have an iDash, it is not necessary to remove the iDash. The iDash should be considered a diagnostic device no different than the dealership’s factory scan tool. However, we do recommend unplugging the OBD cable, curling it up, and tucking it under the dash because the dealer will need the OBD port open to connect their factory scan tool.

PedalMonster Removal:

Approximate time: 10 minutes

Step 1. When disconnecting and removing the PedalMonster, it’s best to disconnect your battery(s).

Step 2. Locate the PedalMonster module. It’s usually zip-tied to a steel body mount or tucked into the fender on the driver’s side of the engine bay. Once you’ve located it, cut the zip-ties holding it in place.

Step 3. (Helpful hint: Use a flashlight) PedalMonster has two cables, one on each end. One leads to the OBD plug above the driver’s left shin and the other cable intercepts the accelerator pedal lead. Disconnect the OBD plug.

Step 4. Locate and disconnect the PedalMonster plug connected to the top of the accelerator pedal assembly. Depending on the pedal plug, it may have a locking mechanism that slides up or to the side. Disengaging the locking mechanism allows you to pinch the plug and lift it straight up, to the side, or toward you. How the plug pulls away from the pedal assembly depends on the vehicle.

Step 5. Disconnect the third and final PedalMonster plug, which is connected to the factory cable. Plug the factory connector into the pedal assembly.

Step 6. Cut the zip-ties and remove the PedalMonster from the vehicle.

Step 7. Reconnect vehicle battery(s)

Step 8. Pretend not to be disappointed by your vehicle’s stock throttle response.