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First Air – Then Fuel

Engine modification and tuning for power is basically the same for gas and diesel engines. Power is force applied across a distance to do work. In an engine, power is torque multiplied by crankshaft revolutions. In other words, to make

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Highlights from the February, 2001 interview, in which Gale answered the top tech questions on diesel-truck owners’ minds. What did Ford change in the turbo on the 1999.5-up Power Strokes? What is “compressor surge,” and how can it be

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Future Fuel

What will power our vehicles in the days ahead? The gas pump has been a common fixture on the American scene for nearly 100 years. Do not expect it to disappear in the immediate future, but look for more diesel

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Gas or Diesel?

When Buying a New Truck, SUV or Motorhome, You’ll Have to Make an Important Choice. Which is better, gas or diesel? It’s a question confronting more and more new vehicle buyers in the light truck, SUV, and motorhome marketplace. And

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How a Turbo Wastegate Works

The common turbocharger wastegate would seem like the height of simplicity, but high performance can add complications. BigHead vs. Stock actuators Let’s begin by describing what a turbo wastegate is. A wastegate is essentially a device that bypasses some exhaust

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How Air Flows

Understanding why air behaves the way it does. This diagram indicates laminar flow through a conduit. The length of the arrows represents the relative speed of the fluid in the conduit. The fastest flow is at the very center of

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How An Exhaust Brake Works

Why exhaust brakes are so effective on diesel-powered vehicles. Diesel engines control engine speed and power output by throttling the amount of fuel injected into the engine. A diesel has no air throttle. Because it has no air throttle, a

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