LokJaw: RideTech

We’ve teamed with RideTech on the LokJaw project because of their long history working with air suspension and their mastery of air management.

RideTech’s new RidePRO E5 system is built around three height presets — the middle of which is “ride height”. The system can automatically adjust to ride height every time the ignition is switched on, meaning you only need to think about your air suspension when you want to. The RideTech team paired the RidePRO E5 with their top-of-the-line dual Thomas 150 psi compressors, 5-gallon aluminum air tank, and BigRed Air Valve Block with 3/8” ports featuring 8 independent solenoids to control each wheel independently. The large 3/8” ports make it easier to lift heavy the front end, faster.

The ride is damped by four HQ shocks designed by RideTech and built by Fox.

Visit ridetech.com

RideTech Big Red
RideTech shock