LokJaw: Flo AirRide

The FLO AirRide tank is a modular billet tank specifically designed for air suspension enthusiasts. Now a part of Air Lift Performance, Flo AirRide was founded by long-time mini trucker and former MiniTruckin’ editor, Mike Alexander. For over two decades, Mike has been at the forefront of air suspension technology. Having seen every good and bad setup, he set out to make tanks that we a cut above. Flo AirRide tanks feature a brushed tube finish with machined end caps. Each billet end cap offers port configurations suited for the majority of setups. You’ll find two 1/4″ NPT, two 3/8″ NPT, and one 1/8″ NPT end ports, along with one 1/8″ NPT drain port. And what’s great about the mounting brackets is that you can clock them any way you want so the drain port is always facing down! Plus, you’ll find a 225 PSI pressure relief valve pre-installed. The tanks are available in 18″, 24″, and 28″ lengths. They’re constructed and designed to withstand 200 PSI max air pressure.

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