Project Sidewinder’s vs. Ferrari Enzo

How does the Sidewinder Dakota stack up against one of the “Greatest Ferraris of all time”?

Sidewinder Dakota vs. Ferrari Enzo
 Country of origin Italy USA
 Type Two-door, two-passenger
sport coupe
 Two-door, two-passenger sport truck
 Introduction 2002 Paris Motorshow 2002 Bonneville World Finals
 Displacement 6.0 liter (366 cid) 5.9 liter (359 cid)
 No. of cylinders 12 6
 Fuel system Bosch Motronic fuel injection Bosch/Cummins common rail
direct injection
 Induction Naturally aspirated Holset variable-geometry turbo
with Banks controller
 Valvetrain 4 valves/cyl, DOHC 4 valves/cyl, cam-in-block
 Compression ratio 11.2:1 15.1:1
 Horsepower 660 735
 Torque 485 1300
 Max RPM 8200 4000
 Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed manual
 Specific output 110 hp/liter (1.8 hp/cu. inch) 125 hp/liter (2.0 hp/cu. inch)
 Brakes 4-wheel Brembo vented disc 4-wheel Baer-Alcon vented disc
 Wheels/tires 245/40ZR19 (f), 345/40ZR19 (r) 255/45R18 (f), 295/45R20 (r)
 Fuel tank capacity 22.9 gal 22 gal
 Cruising range @ hwy mpg 275 miles 466 miles
 Type of fuel Premium unleaded Regular diesel
 Curb weight 3009 lbs 5300 lbs
 Towing capacity 0 lbs 5000 lbs
 Top speed 217.5 mph (estimated) 222.139 mph (measured)
 Fuel economy 8-12 MPG 21.2 MPG
 Standard Equipment
 Air conditioning Yes Yes
 Stereo No Yes
 Trailer hitch No Yes
 Automatic trans. No Optional
 Available colors Red, yellow Red
 Pricing and Availability
 Price $650,000 Priceless
 Availability Sold out Sold out

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