Gale Banks Given Keys To BMW’s Hydrogen 7

BMW has asked Gale Banks to road test its new advanced-technology showcase vehicle, the Hydrogen 7 sedan, and Gale’s going to blog about it!

(L to R) Marcus Wiesebrock, James Ryan, Gale Banks, Nadine Jambor

What BMW has to say about hydrogen as a fuel: “On a global level, hydrogen technology addresses the growing gaps in the supply of fossil fuels. More specifically, it is the only fuel that can allow for a reduction in the overall emission cycle while meeting our energy needs in a sustainable way. Besides, not many fuels can be produced from renewable sources such as sun, wind, water and biomass.

AZUSA, Calif. (April 28, 2008) — Gale Banks, president and founder of Banks Power in Azusa, has been chosen by BMW to road test its new advanced-technology showcase vehicle, the Hydrogen 7 sedan.

The sleek 12-cylinder, four-door luxury sedan is one of 100 BMW production-ready vehicles based on the 760i. The 260-horsepower, 6.0L sedan was adapted to run on liquid hydrogen to show the viability of the alternative fuel as perhaps the cleanest engine propellant on Earth.

Twenty of these machines are in use in the United States with the rest seeing duty around the world as “ambassadors” of the new technology. The unique vehicles are being placed in the hands of well-known figures from business, sports, politics, and entertainment, influential people who, BMW expects, will use them in everyday situations and report back about their experiences driving a car that “runs on the most plentiful element in the world and emits virtually nothing but water vapor.”

According to BMW CleanEnergy Program Director James J. Ryan, Gale Banks was chosen because of his reputation as a futurist and his interest in clean-burning alternative fuels. “He’ll have the car for a month or so, and we’re hoping that he both enjoys being one of our pioneer drivers and that he’ll give us his professional feedback on our car,” said Ryan. “The more people who experience using hydrogen for a fuel, the closer we’ll be to providing the infrastructure that will make widespread ownership possible.”

Banks received the keys to the “loaner” from Ryan, who was joined by the program’s personal care advisor, Marcus Wiesebrock, and BMW CleanEnergy Program Executive Nadine Jambor.

Banks plans to “do a little blogging” about the experience on his company’s website over the next month or more. Be sure to check it out.

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