JP magazine July 2015

Terrible aerodynamics, a high center of gravity, and more weight in aftermarket accessories than a four-door Civic could safely transport. If that sounds like an accurate description of your Jeep, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve been working on our ’04 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for a few months now, and the modifications are starting to take its toll on the performance and fuel economy. If we’re being honest (which we always are), the Jeep never delivered great fuel economy in stock form anyway. Shortly after we installed our new suspension system a few months back, we regeared the axles with 4.88 gears. This helped put the LJ back in the powerband with the 35-inch Toyo mud-terrains, but we wouldn’t call the Wrangler overly spritely. We had outfitted the Jeep with an inexpensive stubby muffler around the same time we installed the suspension. The resulting sound was somewhere between a high-powered vacuum cleaner and a drunken goat, depending on the rpm level. After our last highway trip, we were over the drone and wanted to get something better. Read more about it here

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