Tuner Shop Knows Gas Performance

Dustin Dunken runs 5 Star Tuning in Florence, South Carolina, but it was his uncle who actually started the business in 2004. “These days there’s a lot of focus on gas performance since the EcoBoost engines are plentiful and there are supercharger kits galore for Coyote engines. But back in 2004 to 2008 that wasn’t the case. We decided to fill in that gap and make it our business.” While the performance focus was on either Mustangs or diesel trucks in the early days, his uncle took to enhancing trucks with gas engines. He concentrated on the 6.2L Ford Super Duties, the 6.8L, and then motorhome performance. “Of course, motorhome tuning isn’t the first thing that people think of when talking performance because it’s not super exciting or something that you’d take to a drag strip, but it is a vehicle. And it’s one that is in desperate need of more power.”

Folks deck out their rolling houses with all of their worldly possessions, and then tow with it! It’s no wonder that motorhomes need reliable performance more so than cars or trucks. “One time I had a guy come in saying that he needed a big place to turn around. I asked how big his coach was and he said 79 feet end-to-end. He not only had a 38’ class-A motorhome, but an enclosed trailer and a tow rig behind that!”

“I’d have to say one of the best parts about the job is providing personalization for the customer,” added Dustin. “Ask them what they use it for, what they want, and work to craft something just for them. We do custom applications for Ford and Chevrolet (cars, motorhomes, and trucks) and sell all the complementary brands like Banks intakes, exhaust systems, headers, and PedalMonsters that help give the customers the very best in performance.”

5 Star Tuning
1820 Trade Street
Florence, SC
(842) 536-1244