Three Turbos – Two Engine Dynos

Gas In One – Diesel In The Other…
It’s Friday & This Is Banks!

SBC and L5P, it’s a GM dyno day!

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Our 427″ Banks Twin Turbo, Small Block Chevy, is in Dyno 1. Man, these big inch small blocks thunder, even thru turbos! These particular Turbos are our new Banks Sidewinder Centerline Series. We made “first Boost” with these Billet wheel Babies and started mapping the ECM today, so no power numbers till next week.

Our 403″ Banks S866T Turbo Diesel Engine in Dyno 2 is based on Dmax L5P architecture with a Banks lower crankcase, oil pickup, oil pan, flywheel housing, vibration damper, engine harness, and AutoMind ECM running the show. We’re seeing how far we can go with the stock turbo. Today we hit 540 hp at 3100 rpm and well over 1000 lb-ft and we’re not done.

Gale Banks