Ryan’s Diesel Repair

Grand Junction, CO

Ryan Hall started the business with a single bay four years ago, but soon after making a name for himself in the diesel community, it became painfully obvious that he needed more room. Word travels fast when you’re good at transmission building. His team packed up and moved to a much larger 12,000 square foot facility. That newer building came with more room for new mechanics, and shop space that included 11 bays.

Ryan’s Diesel Repair specializes in building transmissions for Dodge and Ram trucks, from simple rebuilds to bespoke high-performance engines capable of producing huge power. Located in a particularly hilly region of Colorado, most of Ryan Diesel Repair’s customers are hotshot truckers or customers who tow camper trailers. “Everyone and their cousin owns a trailer in the area,” says Ryan’s Operations Manager/brother Adam, “but being in such a mountainous region, the trucks have trouble towing 16,000 lbs. or more. So, we tailor our transmissions to those types of customers who need good, rugged towing setups. As for engine performance, we like going with the Banks products because most of these folks want some extra performance, but they demand dependability. They don’t need a race car to pull their camper, they need an extra kick in the pants! The Derringer and PedalMonster really help the customers out when they need the power and dependability the most.”

If you find yourself in the Grand Junction area of Colorado and you need dependable repair, transmission work, or performance upgrades, give Ryan’s Diesel Repair a call. They have the know-how to get your truck up the mountain and beyond.

Ryan’s Diesel Repair
719 Arrowest Ct.
Grand Junction, CO 81505