Outlaw Offroad of Texas

Justin Schoener

Any shop can install a lift kit and sell you a set of wheels and tires, but do they know what’s best for your truck? Outlaw Off-Road of Texas has a singular focus: making a lifted truck drive better than stock. “That’s our motto,” said owner Justin Schoener. “It can’t happen without the right parts and knowledge. We do a lot of lift kits, tires, and wheels, especially on the newer diesels. We listen to what the customer’s needs and expectations are, and formulate the build using quality parts—including the Banks PedalMonster.”

“It’s the final touch that we add to make their purchase complete. When you’re running a tall tire with heavy wheels that robs a lot of power, and we already know that the throttle response from the factory is horrible. The PedalMonster makes such a difference with drivability—it’s phenomenal! Installation is so easy that we put it on and just let the customer try it, and it sells itself. Add in that running it won’t void the factory warranty and the reverse safety feature… it’s just fantastic!”

Justin opened Outlaw in 1999. “I built a 7,500 sq. ft. shop and we now have nine very knowledgeable employees. We’re on the main thoroughfare here in Victoria, Texas, and our reputation speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on our customer service and treat everyone how they deserve to be treated. We do a lot of new builds of brand-new vehicles, both belonging to customers as well as neighboring dealerships, and we fix a lot of the other shop’s mistakes.”

Outlaw Offroad of Texas
3701 N. John Stockbauer
Victoria, TX 77904
(361) 578-6375