NEW Patented RAM-AIR DIFF COVERS now available in BLACK OPS limited-edition color

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The patented Ram-Air Diff Cover fits GM 14-bolt American Axle rear ends with 11.5 and 11.8’ gears. How it’s different than other covers and why do you need it? The patented ram-air scoops and the incredible amount of surface area help it cool 5X better than Mag-Hytec and other flatback covers. Plus, its fluid dynamics are perfect. We can’t say as much for the other guys. For details and data, click here. Black Ops Ram-Air Diff Cover

Thanks to Specialized Coatings in Huntington Beach, CA for allowing us to shoot in their facility. The family-owned operation specialized in small-production run, highly technical coatings. Chip Foose is among their high-profile regular customers.
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