Kidder’s Repair Service

Keith Carter: Owner

Kidder’s Repair Service has been around for over 60 years, and Keith is the third in a line of trustworthy automotive repair clan. This family-run business started out as a little one-bay shop in 1958 by his grandfather-in-law, which then moved to the current location in the ’70s sprouting into a three-bay shop where his father-in-law took over. Keith started working there back in 2005 while he was a junior in high school, and in 2008 he married into the family. Keith officially purchased the business last year after recently renovating it and another building on the property, adding another four bays, additional storage, and greatly needed office space. “We’re pretty much a general auto repair,” said Keith, “but of course my favorite thing is diesel work… so we’re really getting into that. I’ve always wanted to, but we never did any until 2010 when a customer needed help with his diesel. He was in a bind, and it was actually a great decision to work on it because it opened us up to a whole new market. I saw the need and dedicated some of the newer bays to diesel work only.”

Keith’s Kidder’s Repair is pretty much a one-stop shop these days, offering not only general engine work on gas and diesel vehicles but pretty much anything else the customer is looking for. “It’s my fault… I just don’t like to say no. We’ll do wheels and tires, suspension… you name it.” When it comes to power-adding performance parts he likes to go with Banks as much as possible. “The product just works. The thing that I’ve always been interested in Banks… the joy of becoming a dealer… is because I have always seen the engineering that goes behind the products. It’s not just promises of huge horsepower with the caveat of possible engine damage in 30k miles, it’s the fact that Banks makes the product right. It’s definitely helpful to me when I’m selling the parts because I can stand behind them because Banks just does it so well.”

Kidder’s Repair
17 Parade Rd
Barnsted, NH 30218
(603) 269-8878