Hurrey’s Performance Shop

Daniel Hurrey runs Hurrey’s Performance Shop with his wife Kaitlyn, a business that opened in September of 2019. Daniel knew his wife was a keeper because when he met her he was about to sell his project car, a 1976 BMW 2002, and she just wouldn’t let him let go of what he loved. Because the engine had some pretty substantial damage to it and parts were scarce, she asked him what he’d put in it as a swap. Daniel came up with a VW 1.8 liter turbo engine as a preferred candidate, so they found a donor car and she bought parts for it so that he could finish the car. They still own that car today, and it says something about what the two could accomplish together.

Between the BMW and a couple of other project vehicles getting attention at shows and constantly getting the question “Where’s your shop?” the two decided that it was finally time to get something going. Being that they couldn’t do anything more out of their garage at home they set off on getting a loan… which turned out to be quite a struggle because they had nothing to prove to the banks that they could actually make a profit doing what they wanted where they wanted to set up shop. Believing in their vision, the couple took their savings and opened up Hurrey’s Performance on a wing and a prayer. They ended up getting an oversized three bay shop with enough room for up to 16 vehicles.

Daniel is committed to offering quality work and service, and only uses certain brands of aftermarket products because they are what he trusts, including Banks Power. “We let everyone know what we like and what we sell,” said Daniel, “We only use quality parts, not questionable or knock-off parts. Some folks will want us to install cheap stuff that they got off eBay, but there’s no way that I can put something like that on in good conscience. We’re also the new kids on the block and we need to keep a great reputation, that’s why we stand by our work and by the products that we’ve chosen.”

Hurrey’s is going to be getting some fabrication capabilities in the coming year with their tube bender, lathe and metal brake. They’ll probably put out some of the finest custom roll cages around. Until then they’ll keep servicing vehicles and installing “the good stuff” and making sure it’s done right.

Hurrey’s Performance Shop
1405 Kuser RdHamilton, NJ 08619