Ford 7.5L headers 50-state compliant?

“I’ve been looking for the right ‘97 Ford F-350 crew-cab dually for about 10 years,” explained Robert from a comfortable chair in Banks’ customer lounge. “After all the searching, I ended up finding a truck down the street from where I live in Calimesa, CA. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it didn’t have street-legal headers which is why I went to see a few exhaust experts. Everybody told me, ‘You’ll never find street-legal headers for this truck.’ Then I found Banks CARB-compliant headers and proved these ‘experts’ wrong.”

Banks Torque Tubes for the Ford 7.5L aren’t just made of 100% stainless steel, the manifolds feature a patented exhaust scavenging system (US Patent #6,634,171 B1) that boasts an impressive power increase over stock and competitors. The magic is found within the unique collector. As described in Gale Banks’ 2003 patent, “A flow enhancement element is centered at the bundled exhaust passage outlets and extends into the transition portion of the collector. The flow enhancement element advantageously affects exhaust flow through the system.”

The patent continues, “If primary exhaust passages from other cylinders of a multi-cylinder engine enter the collection chamber, the sub-atmospheric pulse from one primary passage exiting the chamber will cause a reverse direction pulse in any other primary passages entering the collection chamber. By sizing the length and diameter of the manifold passages in relation to a given engine speed range, the arrival of this low-pressure pulse can be timed so that it arrives as the exhaust valve of another cylinder opens. The presence of this low-pressure area generated by the prior valve closure and ahead of the high-pressure pulse to be leaving the opening of the next exhaust valve will aid in the flow, or scavenging, of the high-pressure pulse from the cylinder. If the low-pressure pulse is present during the overlap period when both exhaust and intake valves are partially open, the pulse will assist in drawing intake air across and through the combustion chamber. The column inertia of this flow will further increase the volumetric efficiency of the cylinder.”

Unlike internet knock-offs, Banks headers are made at our Azusa, CA facility and feature 5/8″ thick flanges welded on both sides, then milled dead flat. The complete system includes two manifolds and a stainless Y-pipe. No sealant or gaskets are needed and there’s no need for factory heat shields.

Get a close look at the non-emissions compliant “performance” headers that Robert removed. Not only are they necked down at the flange, but they’re dented where it matters the most—where the tube meets the flange. Talk about obstructions!

Robert phoned our sales team at (800) 601-8072, purchased the headers, and scheduled an installation appointment. A few days later his F-250 was on the lift getting a street-legal performance exhaust upgrade. “I’m happy that now I can say it’s legal and breathes better thanks to Banks,” Robert says with a smile.