DG Auto Repair

Joe Ray Montoya, Owner

DG Auto Repair’s owner Joe Ray Montoya (who goes by J.R.) has been in the automotive business nearly all his life. Working at a shop through his middle school years, taking auto in high school, and after to round out his education. He’s owned a tire and wheel shop, and before that growing up at his father’s auto repair shop. You can say that J.R. probably has motor oil for blood. DG Auto Repair represents a relatively new automotive venture for J.R., one that isn’t even a full year old yet. Opening his new business in August of 2020, right in the middle of a global pandemic and historically uncertain times, DG has flourished. J.R. also took over his father’s 4-bay shop, keeping it all in the family. With his and his father’s reputation and their legacy service in their community business has been pretty good, despite Covid. So well that J.R. has built a larger location to consolidate things, keeping his current location as a bed liner and tint installation facility.

DG Auto Repair handles just about any job, from basic repair to full engine and transmission work. J.R. also specializes in accessory installations and lift kits, his services are tapped by local dealerships. You might say that they’re a one-stop shop. As far as Banks products go he pretty much is the one dealer in his neck of the woods. “We can’t keep the PedalMonster in stock,” said J.R., “and I love the fact that the rest of the product line is dependable and emissions friendly.”

J.R.’s new DG Auto Repair represents a man’s firm commitment to servicing his community, and a belief in a life-long love for everything automotive… even in the face of a pandemic.

DG Auto Repair
1015 Mechem Dr.
Ruidoso, NM. 88345