Black Smoke Diesel Performance

No matter how you look at it and what your point of view Kenny Secor’s Black Smoke Diesel Performance has a name pretty much can’t be ignored. “I came up with the name actually in college as part of a business plan for a class,” explains Kenny. “At that time it was big rigs and diesel pickups… so black smoke! It just made sense, and years after college it still stuck with me. I just like the name because people are going to remember it.”

Deciding that he liked working on vehicles, and that he was actually mechanically inclined, Kenny set forth on a path in auto and diesel repair obtaining a masters in the subject. Getting a job at a GMC dealership shortly after college and eventually moving to a Peterbilt.

In 2007 Kenny found his way to ATS Diesel where he got a taste, and the bug, for the aftermarket potential that exists for diesel trucks. Kenny moved back home to Bozeman, MT where he rented a little one bay shop for about seven years and started his business. As he grew so did the need for space, causing him to rent the space next door, the next, and then the next.

“About two years ago I decided that it just made more sense to have my own building than rent,” explains Kenny, “so we went literally down about three quarters of a mile down the road and built the place that we’re in now.” With seven busy employees and six bays it probably won’t be long until the current locations will need to be expanded.

Black Smoke today is pretty much a one-stop-shop service center that offers bumper-to-bumper care for trucks while offering all forms of aftermarket performance and suspension products and installation. Very good service and word of mouth has been the main attractor to Kenny’s shop. “My name just got out there. People like it when they’re treated right and they’ve had a good experience.”

Things in the diesel aftermarket have changed, as most everyone knows, and Kenny is no stranger to the ever-morphing landscape. “Those folks looking for performance can still get it, without ruining emissions. We think Banks offers an excellent opportunity to show them that their trucks can run strong while being clean.”

With a name that grabs attention and service that garners praise, Kenny’s Black Smoke Diesel Performance deserves a look.

Black Smoke Diesel Performance LLC
148 Village Center LaneBozeman, MT 59718
(406) 522-9755