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Sean Swarm: Service Advisor

Cameron Tormanen started AG Diesel Repair in 1993 and was the sole employee for a while. He did it all: tech, installer, advisor… you name it. He perfected his craft working on the early GM and Ford diesels. Through the years both the building and the number of staff continued to grow. Today Sean’s AG shop currently stands at 12,000 square feet and houses 12 bays, but it hasn’t stopped growing. Service Advisor Sean Swam says “At the rate, we’re going AG’s going to need to add another building!”

AG Automotive Repair Truck on Lift

AG Diesel changed their name in 2018 to an all-inclusive AG Automotive to incorporate gasoline engine repair into the fold, and even opening the door for hybrid and electric services. They won’t turn anyone away. If it has wheels and some kind of motor AG has the talent and tools to service them. Not only are they a one-stop-shop for service and repairs, but they have the parts and accessories for all makes and models. Their mission is to keep your vehicle running as good or better than it did when it rolled off the dealership lot.

Although AG keeps your stock vehicle running like factory-new it doesn’t mean that they don’t know performance. “I always tell my customers that I like to keep their vehicles running factory fresh if at all possible,” said Sean, “there are fewer things to break that way. But let me tell you, that doesn’t mean that we’re opposed to aftermarket performance parts. Our advisors work with the customers to get them as close to their desired results… without putting their vehicle on the ragged edge. No one wins if the customer’s vehicle breaks all the time.”

AG Automotive Repair Dealer Spotlight

With their size and abilities, it’s easy for any shop like AG to get a little ahead of themselves, but people like Sean keep things really modest and focused. “We’re just a small, family-operated business that takes pride in our work and fix it right the first time.” To Sean and the rest of the AG Automotive crew, it’s all about the customer and their vehicles and keeping them, both running at their best.

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