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630T V6 3.0L Banks Diesel Engine

Upgrade your truck’s performance with the Gale Banks 630T V6 3.0L Diesel Engine! This lightweight powerhouse delivers 302hp and 505 lb-ft of torque, matching the grunt of the 6.6L Duramax engine. Perfect for increased power without sacrificing efficiency, the 630T is a ideal upgrade for drivers and tuners alike.

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2,200 horsepower in our APBA K-Jet program

Unleash 2,200 Horsepower: Banks Turbo Dominates 1970s Marine Racing

Gearheads and car enthusiasts, listen up! This excerpt from Gale Banks himself dives into the raw power of Banks’ early turbo technology. Buckle up and discover how Banks engineering pushed the limits in the 1970s, achieving a staggering 2,200 horsepower in their APBA K-Jet program. Not only did they claim the National Championship, but they even dominated an exhibition race against superior V-Drive K Boats – all while holding back power to protect the jet drive! This is a testament to the unmatched performance and innovation that Banks has been delivering for decades.

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One Blower, 2 Turbos…

One Blower, 2 Turbos, ram tuned Banks intake manifold with a water coupled cupro-nickel intercooler inside, big pin billet stroker, and CNC big valve heads and you’ve

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