Banks Branding Guidelines

About our Company

Banks Power is known far and wide as the premier designer and manufacturer of power-enhancing products for diesel- and gas-powered light trucks, motorhomes, and sport-utility vehicles. Since the 1960s, Gale Banks futuristic high-performance engines have broken new ground and set world records. His marine engines propelled racing boats to national and world championships. After decades of racing, Banks Power is still the only company to have set records at Bonneville in both automobile and truck classes.

The bedrock integrity of Gale Banks is at the very core of Banks Power. Gale’s fundamental principles combine old-fashioned business ethics and service with leading technology, elegantly engineered products, superior construction, scientifically proven performance, and competitive prices.


By using any artwork or information from this website, you agree to the following: The Banks logo designs, artwork, images, and information you use, are the intellectual property of Gale Banks Engineering (hereinafter known as the copyright and/or trademark holder) and are offered to you as a convenience for lawful use with proper permission from the copyright and/or trademark holder only.

Logo Identity Usage

The logo below with the Register Mark (®) to be used when representing the company to protect the brand identity. Additional guidelines follow.

Banks logo

Download the official Banks logo
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Logo Color Variations

The Banks logo prints in solid Red. Solid Black can also be used on lighter backgrounds. When printing on a medium-dark colored backgrounds, the logo is to be printed white.

Banks logo color variation red
Banks logo color variation red reversed
Banks logo color variation black
Banks logo color variation black reversed

Minimum Clear Space Requirements

The minimum clear space surrounding the Banks logo should be no less than the width of the left stem on the letter “b” in “banks”, as indicated below.

Banks logo placement and sizing

Primary/Secondary Brand Colors

Our primary color is 186 Red. Black and Grey can be used as supporting colors when necessary. Banks logos are to be printed in full color only. The Banks logo will be printed in solid Red or Black when on lighter backgrounds, or solid white when on a darker background.

Style Guide red

Pantone 186C

For Web use
HEX: #FF0000

For Printing use
C: 0   M: 100   Y: 100   K: 0

Style Guide black

Process Black

For Web use
HEX: #000

For Printing use
C: 0   M: 0   Y: 0   K: 100

Style Guide grey

Grey 60/40/40/20

For Web use
HEX: #666

For Printing use
C: 60   M: 40   Y: 40   K: 20

Style Guide tints