LokJaw: ZPE/Griptec

How do you prevent your supercharger belt from slipping? Use a Griptec® pulley.

Griptec® micro is a patented micro-machining process that allows for an engineered surface to be machined onto the surface of a part. This process increases the drive load-carrying capability without negatively impacting the soft rubber belt. 2-Piece receiver and pulley systems allow for multiple pulleys to be changed out with simple MS or M6 threaded hardware while using the same receiver. Receivers can be manufactured in a variety of different materials, including Stainless 304, 17-4, 7075 Aluminum, Titanium, and advanced Steels.

As many Banks fans know, we enjoy working with family-owned companies, and Griptec’s parent company, ZPE is another great example. Patent holder, Andrew Zimmer, and his father are automotive enthusiasts through and through, which shows in every product they touch.

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