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Oil Burner Upgrade

The Banks Sidewinder Turbo for Early GM Diesels The install should take a home mechanic about three or four days, and the shop mechanic about two. Since

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Banking on Horsepower

Power Products for the Duramax Diesel that Work It’s rare to find a collection of bolt-on parts that actually work in harmony and build additional horsepower and

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Banks Power for Jeeps

Jeep TJ Wrangler Gale Banks Engineering “Stinger” Cat-Back System Kit comes with everything needed to help your Jeep breath easier! Notice the large 2.5″ diameter stainless steel

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Breathin’ Easy

Banks TorqueTube and Stinger Exhaust Systems for Jeeps The Banks Stinger and TorqueTube exhaust systems we had installed on our project TJ included: the stainless Dynaflow muffler;

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V-10 Power!

Maximize Ford’s Triton V-10 Output with Banks’ PowerPack System This shot of Gale Banks’ PowerPack® kit shows the non-electronic components included in the system. The torque Tube

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Sideways Into the Record Book

Banks sets new world speed record with the Sidewinder diesel pickup… “I’ll kick your ass on straight diesel” 217.314 Miles Per Hour Quick Specs: Engine type: 5.9-liter

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Gale Banks Engineering

Winning Systems for Trucks, SUVs & Motor Homes Although Gale Banks Engineering is one of many companies making performance exhaust systems, it takes a “systems approach” to

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Flat Out on the Salt

Inside Gale Banks’ 200-MPH Dakota Land-Speed Record Holder Gale Banks wants to change your mind about diesel engines-and he’s going about it in a pretty spectacular way.

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