Project Sidewinder Objectives

Here’s what Banks Power set out to do with this racing venture.

Banks Sidewinder Dakota

To establish Cummins compression ignition technology as powerful, clean, quiet, efficient and desirable – something the consumer wants in a light-duty truck or sports utility vehicle.

To position the brands of Cummins Engine Company, Holset Turbo and New Venture Gear as the technology leaders in this arena.

To use this advanced technology to establish new speed records in excess of 210 MPH using a compression ignition, turbocharged engine powering a Dakota pickup that is STREET-DRIVEN, TRACTABLE AND FUN.

Project Sidewinder

• Banks Race Shop prepared Dodge Dakota Pickup with all creature comforts for highway driving
• Cummins 2003 inline six cylinder compression ignition engine with common rail injection
• Holset variable geometry turbocharger
• New Venture Gear six speed gearbox
• Wilwood braking system
• Progress Group coilover spring/shock units
• Banks engine modifications and turbo system
• 700+ brake horsepower
• 1200+ pounds-feet of torque
• 210 mile per hour record speed at Bonneville
• Establish 1/4 mile drag racing record for diesel
• 20 miles per gallon fuel economy
• Quiet running, low emissions
• 100% highway drivability
• Tow race equipment in trailer to Bonneville, drag races, etc.

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