Vision Diesel Performance, Aurora, Oregon

Derek Hamill opened Vision Diesel Performance in 2011 with his friend and co-owner Curtis Ellyes after working on vehicles on the side in their spare time. Derek had been going to school and Curtis was working construction when they decided it was time to open up shop.

“We started on personal property as a super-small gig,” recalls Derek, “and when the phones didn’t stop ringing we eventually made the decision to turn it into something a little more serious. We eventually got a space large enough so that we could park a few trucks inside with a spot for retail. 9 Years later we have about 10,000 sq. ft. of shop space, an in-ground chassis dyno, 9 two-post lifts and plenty of room for vehicles to be worked on.”

Vision Diesel Performance, Aurora, Oregon

These days Vision is made up of two buildings: one where the customer’s turbos are being worked on with the other where more performance-oriented work is conducted. It is there in the second building where the chassis dyno is, as well as customer builds and their own race truck and personal project vehicles. When not racing their 1,200 horsepower, all fiberglass-bodied Power Stroke drag truck it also resides there. Derek and Curtis have also created a makeshift studio where they film installations and how to videos.

Vision Diesel Performance is a 100% one-stop-shop that can take care of a customer, be it routine maintenance or full-blown race with suspension upgrades. Their motto is that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to a diesel or gas pickup that they can’t do.

Vision Diesel Performance
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 487-6074