Re-oiling and cleaning your air filter

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00:00 Intro
00:35 When to service your air filter
01:16 Cleaning large debris
02:00 Filter cleaner tips
02:19 Cleaning products to avoid
02:27 Rinsing
02:56 Drying
03:20 Oil Calculator
05:56 Re-oiling filter
08:55 Filter wicking

One of the most commonly asked questions in our service center is, “How do I clean my air filter?” In this tutorial, we explain the differences between oiled and dry filters, as well as how to clean and re-oil them. We’ve even created a free re-oiling calculator so you know precisely how much oil to use.

Arlen demonstrates how to clean and re-oiling of your air filter.

Arlen explains the differences and benefits of both dry and oiled filters. Plus he gives great pro tips like, “check your air filter every time you change the oil in your car or truck.” Of course, if you live in a dusty environment, you should check more often or get a Banks pre-filter.

He then shows just how easy it is to clean the filter, although it does take some time to let it thoroughly dry. Industrial Designer, Christopher Beau steps in to demonstrate how to perfectly re-oil the filter.

Banks makes Ram-Air Intakes, BigAss Air Filters, and pre-filters for a variety of makes and models. We have air filtration for your truck down to a science.