Dirty Diesels

Josh Collester first started Dirty Diesels in 2011 as a social media page with a diesel-related blog selling diesel parts, stickers and apparel. In 2016, he and his business partner Aaron Robertson opened the physical location in Reading, Pennsylvania. “We do everything from simple maintenance like oil changes, custom wheels and suspension, to performance and repair,” explains Josh. “We’re kind of a one stop shop doing a little bit of everything here, and it really keeps things interesting. I’d say about 60% of the business is service and repairs, but a lot of those customers return for performance upgrades.” The two-bay shop gets pretty busy, because word of mouth is one of Dirty Diesels’ best assets. “We treat the customer well and they leave extremely happy, they tell others about how they were treated and the service that they received.”

“We pick and choose what we install,” says Josh about the parts they hand-pick to install on customers’ trucks. “We have to go with brands we trust to use on our own trucks and offer goods from companies that stand behind their products.” Josh continues, “We won’t sell or install junk because we have to stand by what we do and sell. Banks is a good example of the products that we sell: products that are made with integrity, and that is what we believe in. We want the customers to come back whether it’s in three months or three years.”

Josh likes the fact that Dirty Diesels is a one-stop shop and gives an example of the diverse and intensive work that they’re doing currently on a 6.0L Power Stroke. “The customer acquired the truck and drove it for about a month before bringing it to us. We’ve pulled the cab off and have done all the updates to the engine. We’ve gone through every system on the truck, and now we’re doing hydraulic steering and suspension work. We want to make it perfect for the customer, and in my opinion it’s pretty difficult to find a place that can do it all under one roof.”

Another factor that makes Dirty Diesels different is the continued relationship with the customer even after a sale or service. “We go to a lot of local diesel events and we invite our customers to come with us and bring their trucks. It’s one of the things that separates us from just being just another shop and makes us more of a brand.”

Josh and Aaron haven’t given up on the web presence that started it all, their YouTube channel. “We’ve have some good videos showing some of the installs and builds that we are doing at the shop, but honestly we’re behind on making them.” Josh admits, “There’s only so much you can do in a day, and with the amount of work that we have, taking care of the customer is more important right now.”

Dirty Diesels
3839 Perkiomen Ave
Reading, Pennsylvania 19606
(267) 935-9755