Update – AutoMind Programmer / Flash Programming Module

Instructions for updating your Banks AutoMind Programmer

Please read through the entire process before beginning the update process.

A. Download and Install the Banks AutoMind Update Utility

Banks iQ Update Utility softwareThe Banks AutoMind Update Utility is software that will be installed on your computer to allow communication between your PC and the Banks AutoMind Programmer. After download is complete, install the software onto your computer. Once installation is complete, reboot your computer to ensure the program is loaded properly.

Click here for Update Utility

B. Update your Banks AutoMind Programmer

  1. Once the AutoMind Update Utility is installed on your computer, run the program either from the desktop icon or by selecting it from your programs menu.
  2. You may connect your AutoMind to the computer using the USB cable provided. Once the programmer is connected, updates will occur automatically. Do not disconnect the AutoMind until the program indicates that it is safe to do so.
  3. When programming is complete, disconnect the AutoMind. Note: If errors occur, it is recommended that you first exit the program, disconnect the AutoMind, and restart the process.

Congratulations! Your Banks AutoMind Programmer is now up to date.