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ATS Diesel Performance

LokJaw: ATS

We chose ATS because getting the power from our prototype Banks L5P Crate Motor to the wheels requires a strong, durable transmission.

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Eaton: Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions

LokJaw: Eaton

We chose the Ford 9″ 35-spline Truetrac rear differential. The increased strength and lightweight form are ideal for high-horsepower.

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Mechman Alternators

Lokjaw: Mechman

We chose Mechman’s High-Output 370 Amp Elite Series Alternator. With big power, you need lots of juice and this one packs a punch.

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LokJaw: MoTeC

At the heart of the beast is its brain. We chose the MoTeC M1 series ECM for its advanced features and flexibility allowing us full control.

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Wilwood Brakes

LokJaw: Wilwood

Wilwood’s Tactical Extreme TX6R Big Brake kits are the ultimate in braking performance for Trucks, SUVs, and Armored Vehicles.

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