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CJC Off-Road upgrades Banks RAM

Banks ’20 RAM 6.7 gets a better ride

The Banks ’20 RAM got a better ride after the team watched a very informative video from CJC Off Road about suspension upgrades for RAM 2500/36500 trucks. Started by two off-road enthusiasts, CJC is an authority on Carli Suspension systems.

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Unboxing: Heatshield Products

Gale Banks explains why turbo insulation and exhaust systems can be very important to both the performance and safety of the surrounding equipment. We reached out to Heatshield Products.

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Unboxing a Ron Davis Racing Radiator

This week’s UNBOXING video sees Gale receiving a rather “cool” product, a Ron Davis Racing Radiator! If you’re following along you know that we’re building a 7.1 liter super-charged twin-turbo Duramax.

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