Author: Jennifer Curcio

Product Evaluation

This new turbo-charged kit offers sizzling power and improved fuel economy for diesel-powered trucks. For trailerists, the double-edged sword of power vs. fuel economy is ever-present; producing

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Trends Los Angeles/Detroit

Oldsmobile Anthem “You can consider this car an advanced Cutlass Supreme,” said Dennis Burke, chief designer of Oldsmobile Exterior #1 Studio. The pretty Anthem can sing for

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Not Just Another Concept

In the 1950s they were dubbed “dream cars” when they dazzled the public at General Motors Motoramas. Now the designation is “concept cars.” Today, every major auto

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If you stretch the yardstick of automotive development about two feet beyond current thinking, that’s where you’ll find the pedals of the American Roadster Experimental (AREX) prototype

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AREX Glam Shot


Outrageous thoughts race through your head as you listen to Dave Stollery reel off his car’s projected performance statistics – like 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds,

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Wheels Magazine April 1991

Yankee Doodle

Automotive design studio walls are generally plastered with sketches, a wallpaper of idea drawings that are up there for inspiration, but rarely taken down and transformed into

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