Frequently Asked Questions: PedalMonster

What does the PedalMonster do?

PedalMonster is the first OBD-II connected throttle sensitivity controller for gas and diesel vehicles. In basic terms, it changes the pedal position in relation to the throttle to get rid of that mushy feel. In many of today’s cars and trucks, auto manufacturers have implemented what’s known as “throttle enrichment delay.” This is a fancy term for sponge pedal. Why would manufacturers want your car or truck to have a pedal that feels like your stepping on a wet sponge? If manufacturers gave you the immediate response you wanted, you’d likely use more fuel launching at green lights and squirting around town. In theory, by making the pedal input slower to react, it saves fuel. But the byproduct is a boring driving experience.

How much power does the Pedal Monster add?

PedalMonster doesn’t increase horsepower or torque, but it does give you complete control over the gas pedal’s responsiveness. PedalMonster is a throttle sensitivity controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. In other words, it gets rid of the dreaded “sponge pedal” found in so many of today’s cars and trucks.

Does the Pedal Monster void my warranty?

The PedalMonster intercepts signals from your pedal and alters them before sending them to the vehicle’s computer. The vehicle’s computer has no clue it’s receiving altered signals. PedalMonster does not alter the vehicle’s ECM (computer) in any way. Treat the PedalMonster as you would with altering the truck’s wheels or suspension. While most dealerships understand most aftermarket accessories are harmless, some dealers are not as forgiving. Always check with your service advisor prior to dropping off your truck. When in doubt, simply remove the PedalMonster and its harness. It takes less than 10 minutes. After removal its presence is undetectable; it does not leave a footprint in your ECM.

What iDash firmware do I need in order to use the PedalMonster?

iDash version 1.19 or higher is required to view and control PedalMonster. However, an iDash is not required to control a PedalMonster. You can also monitor and control it with the free iPhone or Android apps.

I want to order the PedalMonster. I already have a Derringer with iDash. It says an OBD splitter is required. Is this included.

An OBD splitter is only required when adding PedalMonster to existing Derringer with 3-position Switch. Derringer with switch is different than Derringer with iDash. See the owner’s manual for a simple wiring diagram.

What safety features does the PedalMonster offer over everyone else?

Currently, no other throttle sensitivity controller has any safety features of any kind, at least any that will actually protect your vehicle from going into limp mode in the event of a failure.

  • ActiveSafety failsafe circuitry
  • Reverse Safety returns pedal to stock in reverse gear
  • Adjustable Low-Speed Trim controls how fast sensitivity is added at slow speeds
  • Module powered by +12v via OBD, not low-overhead pedal circuit like Pedal Commander and others.

How do I update the firmware?

You can update the Pedal Monster through the mobile app (iOS and Andriod) or iDash using a microSD card. Instructions can be found in the owner’s manual.

Do I have to use an iDash or can I use another monitor that is currently installed, like my Edge CTS?

Although the experience and user-interface are far better with an iDash, you can use the PedalMonster with another monitor like an Edge CTS. An OBD splitter can be used to run a PedalMonster stand-alone system with a third-party monitor. In this scenario, you will control the PedalMonster via the free iPhone or Android mobile app.

If I buy the PedalMonster stand-alone, can I add the iDash later?

Yes indeed.

Can the Derringer tuner and the Pedal Monster work together?

Not only can they work together, they’re designed to work as a team, increasing horsepower, torque and pedal sensitivity. The combination dramatically changes the driving experience.