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Heavy Breathing Heavy BreathingBolt-On Power Upgrades for the Chevy/GMC Duramax LB7 Most of us know that internal combustion engines are fancy air pumps and that the trick to getting more power from them is to get more air in and out of them. Just as with old-school hotrodders, installing a free-flow exhaust system and intake will go a long ... Read more about this post

Save Fuel, Add Power, Break Nothing With Banks iQ Save Fuel, Add Power, Break Nothing With Banks iQMore Power and Better Economy For Our 2007 5.9L Cummins If you’re reading this, you probably have the same habit we do of checking every truck you see to make sure it’s a diesel. A truck’s fender area is like a soldier’s chest-having a diesel engine badge is like having a uniform full of medals. If ... Read more about this post

Banks Powered 1955 Ford Thunderbird Takes Ridler Award Banks Powered 1955 Ford Thunderbird Takes Ridler AwardThe most prestigious prize in the auto show world is the Ridler Award, and a car with a Banks twin-turbo engine just won it. Dwayne Peace, his family and his 1955 Ford Thunderbird took hot-rodding’s top prize at the Detroit Autorama on Sunday: the 49th Don Ridler Memorial Award. Peace, accompanied by his two sons who helped ... Read more about this post

Banks PowerPack Diesel Tuner Test Banks PowerPack Diesel Tuner TestShorter distances getting up to speed, higher hill-climb speeds—and a significant fuel economy improvement—were all made possible by installation a Banks PowerPack to a 2003 Fleetwood Expedition Class A pusher motorhome. Many people buy motorhomes and then after driving them for a while, decide they’d like more power for accelerating onto highways, passing and climbing long ... Read more about this post

Ford F-150 2WD Project Ford F-150 2WD ProjectBanks PowerPack on an Ford F-150. “The idea is to build a performance truck that can be used as a daily driver and as a weekend camping/exploring/desert running truck.” We decided the vehicle of choice would be a Ford F-150. So, much like what a lot of our readers might own and be in a position ... Read more about this post

Banks Sidewinder Dragster Gets More Power Banks Sidewinder Dragster Gets More PowerGM Duramax 6.6L LML engine gets SUPERCHARGED at Gale Banks Engineering Gale Banks has always been known as a hot rodder, drag racer and automotive engineer. Over the past 45 years, he has created some unique and fast cars, trucks and dragsters that have set numerous drag racing and land speed records. Gale was an early diesel ... Read more about this post

Diesel Power – The Safe And Clean Way With Banks Power Diesel Power - The Safe And Clean Way With Banks PowerLooking around the diesel market, one can easily find plenty of power-adders that pump black soot from an open 5-inch sewer pipe. With a set of beefy tires up in smoke, the scene certainly lends itself to some manly entertainment. That much available power usually causes an assortment of problems, from overfueling the engine and ... Read more about this post

Inside Gale Banks Engineering’s New Blown 7.1L Duramax Inside Gale Banks Engineering's New Blown 7.1L DuramaxGale Banks has already set drag strip records with the twin-turbo version of this Duramax engine, and now they’re swapping out the turbos for a supercharger. Deep within the prototype building of Gale Banks Engineering lies an assembly room where some of the most powerful twin-turbo Duramax engines ever built were born. While most of us ... Read more about this post

A Breath of Fresh Air A Breath of Fresh Air4 Wheel Parts’ 50th Anniversary JK Gets Banks Power Ram-Air As the 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes draws to a close, we bring you the last of the installation articles. Banks Power was selected for this final upgrade and we installed one of their Ram-Air systems on the 3.8L Jeep V6. The Banks Ram-Air for ... Read more about this post

Turbo Buick Pioneer Turbo Buick PioneerIn 1981, Hot Rod magazine Executive Editor C.J. Baker wrote an in-depth profile of Junior Johnson’s No. 11 “Mountain Dew” Buick Regal, in which Darrell Waltrip won the NASCAR championship that year. This photo opened that story in the November 1981 issue. Johnson is leaning on the race car; the other man in the photo ... Read more about this post