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Christmas Trees at Banks Power Fourteen Christmas trees … and one Christmas wreath. You can say Banks Power likes to go big, and that applies to decorating for the holidays. Check out the photo gallery of yuletide spirit! Gale Banks loves Christmas, and one of the many ways he shows it is by decking his company’s halls, walls, and offices with ... Read more about this post

Banks participates in Toys 4 Tots drive Off-Road Community Pulls Together and Donates Over 550 Toys to Toys 4 Tots Images by Brent Haywood and Dave Druck Last weekend, long-time Expedition Portal members Dave and Yoshi from The Adventure Duo put on their sixth annual Toys 4 Toys off-road toy drive-benefitting children with a less fortunate holiday season this year. In order to pull ... Read more about this post

2012 TrailerLife Readers’ Choice Awards Banks Power chosen as best “Performance Add-On” by readers of Trailer Life magazine. Think of the time you spend planning trips, researching which RV to buy, learning how your RV works, hunting for for do-it-yourself tips on top of everything that you’ve learned, out of necessity, on the fly. You are RV experts in your own ... Read more about this post

Hot Rod Radio from SEMA 2012 Gale Banks talks with HOT ROD MAGAZINE LIVE about special vehicle projects created for the SEMA show, plus what Banks Power has in store for 2013. Gale Banks was a guest on Dennis Pittesebarger’s Hot Rod Magazine Live during the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Topics included background info on all of the vehicles at the ... Read more about this post

Rod & Custom Radio Join host Brad Fanshaw in his broadcast from the 2012 SEMA show where he talked with Gale Banks about all the Banks-powered vehicles at the show. There’s always too much going on at the SEMA show to be able to take it all in—so we’re lucky that shows like Rod & Custom Radio go around and ... Read more about this post

Adam Carolla puts Banks Power on his own truck What does Adam Carolla think of Banks Power now that he put a Banks system on his own truck? Adam has had Gale on his show before where they’ve talked about what a difference Banks Power has made on various vehicles (Paul Dallenbach’s Pikes Peak race car, military Humvees, etc.) but he’s never had a Banks ... Read more about this post

Car Craft Radio spotlights Banks SEMA vehicles What were the three hottest vehicles at SEMA this year? We know our favorites. Join Steve Strope of Car Craft Radio as he gets the answers from Gale Banks. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to attend the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, you have no doubt seen the images and ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks on Motor News Weekly radio What has Banks been up to lately, and what are the plans for the future? Listen in with host Bob Long and find out… Gale will be the guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, Motor News Weekly, on November 17. Sit back and listen as Gale gets host Bob Long (and you) caught up on ... Read more about this post

ICON Chooses Banks ICON Partners with Banks on Special 1965 Dodge 5.9L Cummins D200 for SEMA Debut. When ICON lead designer and chief executive Jonathan Ward was planning his next classic automotive design build around the anvil strong Cummins 5.9L powertrain, his first call was to Gale Banks. He knew that for power, reliability and durability, Banks offers a ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks on Motor Trend Radio at SEMA 2012 Gale Banks joins the guys at MOTOR TREND RADIO to talk about what products and projects he has in the works for 2013—some of the projects will be top secret military vehicles and others will be for anyone in the general public who craves more power but doesn’t want to sacrifice engine longevity. Gale will be ... Read more about this post