Engine Builder

Gale Banks Engineering is seeking an Engine Builder/Machinist and Engine Developer to assist our Engineering R&D and Race Shop groups in the development of racing and street high-performance engines and customizations to improve gasoline and diesel engine power and efficiency. If you are experienced with engine building and development and have a passion for high performance, an eye for precision, and the hands to match, we are interested in meeting you!

Job duties include taking measurements, blueprinting, prototyping new components, assembling, and dyno testing engines. Successful candidates will have engine building and blueprinting experience; machining skills including surfacing, boring and honing; familiarity with engine and chassis dynamometers; experience with race engine tuning; knowledge of turbocharging and supercharging; understanding of diesel engines; and an enthusiasm for automotive technology.  Most of the engine builder’s work will take place in Banks’ machine shop and state-of-the-art test facilities.